Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Why I hate spring

Summer used to be my least favorite season, but in recent years spring has taken its place. How could anyone hate spring, you ask? Well. It began with a series of Really Bad Apartments. All of which had been masquerading as perfectly decent places to live. Until spring came, that is...

  • Spring in Apartment #1 – Indoor rain. ‘Nuff said? Oh, but wait, there's more. Bats.
  • Spring in Apartment #2 – Carpenter ants. Inch-long ants with wings swarming in my living room every afternoon. Literally swarming. The nest was in my section of the wall.
  • Spring in Apartment #3 – Every other crawly thing possible in upstate New York.
  • Spring in Apartment #4 – Borer bees. Eventually even the mail carrier refused to come onto the porch. At least that got the landlord’s attention.
  • Spring in Apartment #5 – Pests of another kind entirely. Foul-mouthed children running wild. Winter at least kept them indoors, behind closed windows.
  • Spring in Apartment #6 – Centipedes. Lots and lots of centipedes.

So, yeah, I hate spring. Over these past years I've learned to dread the return of warm, sunny days. Sure, I sigh with relief the first day I can open the windows and leave the heavy coat at home. But part of me wonders what all that warmth will bring out of the walls this time.


libwitch said...

Did I find you? - Sarah (I am thinking so - how many other people can have this luck with apartments!)

ariandalen said...

You could live in Texas and not want to open windows to the warmth because that means mosquitoes.

Though that is seriously bad luck with apartments.