Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Yes, I am a geek

The second I saw the pattern for the Big Damn Sweater, I had to knit it. Had to. When I saw Wash wearing it on Firefly, I wanted it. Now some clever people have recreated the pattern from screen shots. Very, very shiny.

As usual when it comes to must-knit-now patterns, nothing in my stash would work. I had to order new yarn. Had to. The 3-ply Fisherman Yarn from Bartlett Yarns is perfect. It's undyed yarn, Light Sheeps Gray, which should show off the cables nicely (guess I'd better learn how to cable). It arrived today and made doing or thinking about anything else very, very difficult.

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Vnend said...

Thank you! I have sent the Big Damn Sweater link to a couple of folks I know.

I saw your posting in Lorraine's blog, and wanted to let you know how neat your graphic is. Finding out about the sweater is an unexpected bonus.