Friday, June 1, 2007

If it's Thursday, I must be in Chicago

I don't know how people who travel for work all the time do it. I only had two back-to-back trips and it completely wiped me out. Two weeks ago I was in New York City, where I worked on this project...

and bought this yarn...

The new sock is made from Regia Bamboo. I'm really enjoying working with this stuff. The new yarn is from The Point, in Greenwich Village. It's a small shop and most of its stock was out of my price range, but the staff was very friendly and helpful. And since I consider yarn from out-of-town yarnshops to be my souvenirs, I had to get something. So I bought this one skein (sorry, I forget what it is), so I could make a lace scarf or some such.

But I woke up one morning in a panic because I forgot to reset my clock for Central time. Once I woke up a little more, I remembered that the Chicago trip was the following week, and I was in New York City. Besides, if I forgot to set my clock back, I'd be running early not late.

So the following week finds me in Chicago (with clock reset). Still working on the bamboo socks, still on a tight budget. But of course I have to go to Loopy Yarns. After all, it's walking distance from the hostel. How can I not go? I've been to Chicago a few times these last several months, and this shop is turning into one of my favorites. Great selection, great staff, and just plain comfy.

While I was there a teenage boy came in. One of the women (related, I think) working there talked to him about some yarn he had set aside to buy later and mentioned that he had several projects going now. He replied that they were just side projects. Now truly, there speaks a Knitter, dyed in the wool and addicted for life. I almost wanted to hug him. But I just bought some yarn for a side project of my own.

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