Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Penelope Day

Actually the last several days have been Penelope days – those days when you rip out more than you knit. I started out the weekend with one complete sock, one sock nearly ready for its heel, and a few inches done on the spring scarf. I ended the weekend with two socks still waiting (or waiting again) for their heels and no spring scarf at all. Why rip out half of the completed sock? After measuring and re-measuring the sock in progress, I finally had to admit that the first sock was too long in the foot. I could:
a) make the second sock equally over-long,
b) make the second sock fit but not match, or
c) rip the first sock back to the turning of the heel.
I’m compulsive. I chose “c”. But the heels did not want to be knit this weekend. They thwarted each of several attempts. After much ripping back, I set the socks aside and turned to the spring scarf. Such a nice, soothing lace pattern. So easy to knit. So pretty in the pattern book. So not right for this yarn. Rip.

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