Saturday, September 13, 2008

Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

I've been debating whether I even want to restart this blog. I don't expect anyone else to read it; and its original skill-building purpose has more or less been fulfilled. But lately I've felt like writing, so I guess I'm back, for a while at least. I still plan on keeping the content focused on knitting and other fiber-related topics, but other thoughts might sneak in from time to time. Now, for instance.

I've been a longtime fan of PBS, and never minded the pledge drives much when they kept the programming the same. You could call in after your favorite show, and say yes, I like this stuff -- carry on. But now the drives are all "special" programming. Self-help gurus and nostalgia-trip concerts aimed at their target audience. I used to joke that I'd know I had reached a certain age when they replaced "do-wop reunion" with The Clash.

I really should have seen it coming. Of course, I called in...

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