Monday, May 14, 2007

Mother's Day Project

I spent much of yesterday working on the Mother's Day Project. ThreadingWater started this project as a way to honor the female Coalition members who have died in the Iraq War. I first heard about it on Franklin's blog, and thought it sounded like a wonderful way to remember these women.

So many lives have been lost in this war, so many lives changed by injuries. Whether you agree that this war should be fought or not, it hurts to see the names and faces of these people roll by when their deaths are announced. At my house, everything stops when the Honor Roll of the Dead is given at the end of the news. No one eats, no one talks, no one leaves the room. It feels like the least we can do to look into the faces and read the names of these men and women. I happen to believe that this war is wrong, but that doesn't change the fact that these men and women gave their lives for us.

So I'm giving just a little of my time to stitch one name, prayerfully and in awe of what Hannah Gunterman has already given.


knittingnurse said...

What is a shame is that not every news ends with the Honor Roll of the Dead. It seems so callous that we just turn our eyes away from the realities of this horrible, senseless war.

I too stitched a name and looking her up made me even angrier at this whole thing. Hopefully our little protest will speak volumes.

ellen kelley said...

I, too, am involved in the Mother's Day Project and it feels good to be doing something positive, something gentle as in stitching in the face of something so destructive and powerful as war. Would that we could all raise our voices, that we could make a difference to end the madness that is war. I truly want to believe that peace and gentle actions beget peace and caring for all people.